Ali Bozorgi Talab
Sr. Mortgage Originator

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Ali was working on my refinance loan, with cash out. He was very insightful, had excellent timing on when to lock the rate just before interest rates spiked up. He followed up with me on all the underwriters' requirements to make sure we had everything lined up with time to spare, and was very polite and professional throughout the process. I was very happy with the loan and the rate that we were able to obtain, and Ali did everything he could to make sure the entire process went as smoothly as possible. I highly recommend him.
Attila777 from Carlsbad, CA

"I wanted to refinance my home and I chose Villa Group (Ali Talab) from Zillow based on great reviews and very competitive rates. Plus being local (Bay Area) was a plus too. I am happy to say that I was extremely pleased with his service, promptness and thorough work for my refinance. The lender we went with had the best rates but was also very picky with documentation and details - but Ali worked patiently to work through it all, and we closed the loan at zero cost at a great rate in Jan-2013. Ali is hardworking, always reachable by phone almost any time of the day and evening, and very organized and straightforward to work with. I will reach out to him again for any other mortgage needs in the future. I would absolutely recommend him to friends and family."
M S from Milpitas, CA

"Ali works long hours, he responded to my calls even at 9 pm. Throughout the process , he was very friendly and helpful in every stage. We closed our loan in 24 days.We are very happy with the outcome. We recommend Ali Talab."
user6358803 from Milpitas, CA

"Ali is extremely dedicated in serving his clients. His knowledge, experience, competence and follow through are exceptional. After my initial inquiry, it was apparent that Ali was ready. He asked some questions, assessed my situation and quickly followed through with an honest evaluation. No false hopes. When I was ready to start the process, he guided me through the process, timeline and what documents to have ready. From then on, it was seamless. The lender was tough, demanding and thorough but Ali's guidance and ever present responsiveness made it possible to complete the refinance of our superconforming loan within 30 days of locking-in the excellent interest rate and terms I was offered. Ali followed through to closing, funding and recording of the loan!I highly recommend Ali! Forget about your bank mortgage consultant."
user1046450 from Berkeley, CA

"I found Ali online when looking for an FHA Streamline refinance. He was quick to respond with some impressive options, but I thought it was prudent to see what a few direct lenders could offer in terms of competition. Nobody I approached could get even close to what Ali found for me, and I was actually more than a little afraid that Ali's deals were too good to be true. I was wrong. I went forward with Ali and finished the refinance only a short time thereafter, shocked by how much I saved. Thanks, Ali!"
adpalumbo from Pasadena, CA

"I used Zillow and other services to acquire online quotes for refinancing. I received links to several lenders and brokers and I contact several. Most were very slow or never replied to my queries, which was an immediate elimination from consideration (although my credit scores are a little lower than I thought, I am a slam dunk for a conformable loan). Ali was the first respondent. I think that he works nearly all the time, which is what you need when the unforseen happens. He is really on top of the critical details and does not need to be reminded or told twice about anything. The appraisal took forever to be assigned, happen, and be reported (lender's fault) and this led to missing the 30 day lock period. This meant slightly worse terms (very slight) and I still ended up with a no-cost loan at a record low rate. So, the process was not perfect, but nearly so. I enjoyed working with Ali and thought him very professional."
user7593542 from Oakland, CA

"Ali is really good and very professional. Initially I had some reservations with dealing with someone I may never meet in person, but a couple phone calls here and there and my trust in resolved this feeling. Ali was very honest and responsive to my questions and worked hard to get the deal I was looking for. Their were no surprises that popped up at the last minute, and let me tell you he s very fast to respond to email, phone, fax. He really puts high priority to staying in contact with his clients throughout the process."
ibewok from Hayward, CA

"Ali Talab was very approachable and responsive throughout the loan refinance process. He originally suggested a loan with almost no fees, but the credits from the lender were too great, so it was impossible to close the loan.The lender was very uncooperative and not willing to allow the excess credit be used for either interest or principal. By paying more money, I was able to procure a 30 year 3.25% loan before the original rate lockexpiration. Ali had to scramble with last minute lender demands, but did get the loan to close on time. I would recommend his services, but NOT the lender who issued my mortgage. Ali worked extremely hard to make this loan process work and it did turn out very well in the end."
lajames from San Diego, CA

"Despite the tough challenges that lender offered us, Ali and his team did not give up they followed through, and they worked very hard to keep the rate and pricing and meet the deadlines. We got a great rate. Ali at Villa Group is Sincere, trustworthy and man of his word. Highly recommended."
user0522694 from Fremont, CA

"I had an EXCELLENT experience working with Ali on my home loan refi. He is extremely responsive, no matter now early in morning or how late in the evening, he'll respond to my emails right away. He showed me some incredible options, locked down a super low rate at zero closing cost and got the lender to fund my loan all well within 30 days from my first initial contact email to him. I highly recommend working with Ali! He wins Agent of the Year from me! (Thanks Ali!)"
user1026844 from Daly City, CA

"In Refinancing with Ali, I felt as though, he made a rough process feel like an easy flight and smooth landing. I was at ease and trust at all times throughout the process. He always respond to all my questions promptly and effectively. I highly recommend Ali."
user149618 from San Mateo, CA

"I called most of the big companies with the teaser rates along with calling Ali with Villa Group. He immediately stood out among the big companies. With most of the companies, I felt like I was simply talking to a telemarketer or sales person. When I called Villa Group, Ali picked up my call, instantly began to provide crucial information for my decision making and within minutes was committing to personally service and shepherd my loan through the entire process. It felt as though I was Ali's only customer because he always picked up my calls or immediately returned them and my emails. He thoroughly answered my numerous technical questions about the process and products. In addition to all this, he fast tracked my loan and followed up at every step to ensure the process went smoothly. I can't say enough positive things about Ali and his personalized service. I will be recommending Ali to all my friends and colleagues."
user9024651 from San Clemente, CA

"Ali helped me refinance 2 of my properties at the same time and it was done in a very fast and easy way. Ali was very helpful in resolving any situation we had encountered and worked tirelessly to come up with the most satisfying me, his customer, solution. I would definitely recommend him and would do business with him again. Mr Talab has been a very professional mortgage consultant for all our transactions. He is very responsive, attentive, on time and works with a high degree of ethics. We would highly recommand him to anybody trying to build a team of advisors for their real estate portfolio."
Sri from San Jose, CA